ut unum sint

…that they may be one…

Just before I got started here something very interesting, and potentially very significant took place.  On October 19th, Pope Benedict XVI created the means whereby Anglican congregations can move themselves lock-stock-and barrel back under Rome.  Anglicans who wish to be united with Rome but maintain their distinctive liturgy and traditions will fall under a canonical structure called a Personal Ordinariate.

(This is rather like the organizational response we have when LDS service members are deployed.  Their “wards” are organized around their deployment units, not the geographical location of their homes.)

Under this structure, former Anglicans will worship under the leadership of their own formerly Anglican prelates using their Anglican rites.  These priests may be either married or single, but they will not be women.   Those Anglicans who are designated as bishops for his purpose will, however, be single.  This is consistent with practices in the Eastern Orthodox Church, which likewise has married priests but celibate bishops.

The significance of this development is that it will give Anglicans who are dissatisfied with the more liberal direction taken by Western Anglican leaders a new home, while allowing them to retain much of what they loved best about their spirituality as Anglicans.   It is impossible to say how many congregations might shift, but this has the potential to be very attractive to the more conservative and far more active Anglican congregations in Africa.

Stay tuned…

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