Not Even God

Have you ever talked to, or listened to, teenage boys?  I mean, the kind who are about fifteen or sixteen years old?  It is amazing.  Apparently, they can respond to the most complicated inquiries, saying all that need be said, with a grunt and a sigh.  And if they’re asked to do something?  Short of nuclear war there is nothing that can motivate timely action beyond Oscar-class eye rolling.  OK, maybe nuclear war, but who knows for sure?

So I got to thinking about the religious implications of all this.  And you know what?   Joseph Smith experienced the first vision when he was fourteen or so.  And then he didn’t have another vision until he was almost eighteen (21 Sep 1823).  Do you think that is coincidental?  I don’t.

Apparently,  not even God can bear to talk to boys when they’re that age!!!


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