The Rigors of Motherhood

I’ve heard it for years now, I think.  And years.  And again today, in RS.  Motherhood is tough work.  Challenging, draining, exhausting, boring, etc., and there is no real respite.

Let me say, right from the start, that I believe it.  I do not think that the women who spoke up today, or those who have spoken over the years, are wimps.  I believe that it is genuinely challenging, at least as challenging as any other occupation in which we spend our efforts.

What surprises me is this: In a church that is so focused on the family, why do so many young women seem so surprised and dismayed by the effort it requires from them?    I have a sense, though I have not poked my nose into the lesson manuals for teenagers, that we don’t have an authentic presentation of the what it takes to succeed survive as a parent, much less that survival mode, rather than total extreme funess, is an authentic part of adult life.

So it seems to me that, since I keep hearing the same signals, we must not be reacting effectively to this distress. Granted, we don’t want to scare them away from moving forward, but as an institution what should be we saying to young men and women as they approach adulthood that will prepare them for rigors of family life?

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